Face it, shaving can wreak havoc on your skin. Everything from razor burn, dry skin and rashes to nicks, cuts and razor bumps. If you’re a man with a pulse you know what we’re talking about. What’s more, these common casualties of the blade can be seriously uncomfortable, if not downright painful. And they don’t exactly do wonders for your complexion either. Sadly, most guys have accepted this collateral damage as inevitable.
Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, you can dramatically minimize—if not completely eliminate—all of your shaving issues simply by using pure, high-performance products. They can also transform your shaving ritual from a daily chore to a sublime grooming experience. Interested? Figured you would be.

 Your daily face-off
Every one of your shaving issues has one common culprit: shaving without ample protection from your razor. Not that the harsh chemicals in many shave products are doing your skin any favors. Together, these factors can dry out and irritate it. They can also compromise your skin’s pH balance and acid mantle (its natural, protective layer of oil and water), both of which support a healthy, vibrant and youthful complexion. Gradually, this daily wear-and-tear from unprotected shaving takes a toll on your skin. It loses its vitality and elasticity, starts looking dull and lifeless. It also becomes more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. So you look older, younger. Oh no, say it ain’t so.

It’s so. Sorry. Obviously, there’s a lot more to shaving than meets the beard. A sharp blade and good technique go without saying. (We’ll say it anyway.) But the key component is safety. A great shave is a safe shave. And that means using products that protect your skin from your razor. That’s because while you’re busy shaving off beard growth, you might also be scraping away skin cells. Quite often, way too many skin cells. If you’ve ever wondered why your face looks and feels raw after shaving, it’s because you just shaved some of it off.

 Performance issues
Your shaving products are supposed to make sure that doesn’t happen—so that when you shave, only your beard comes off. How? By softening and lubricating beard hairs to minimize blade resistance, and by creating a protective gliding surface and cushion for your razor. This protects against razor burn, nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs and razor bumps. It also allows you to shave closer with fewer strokes. That’s major. The more strokes it takes to get the job done, the more you’re at risk to skin damage.

 Saving face
But harsh chemicals won’t get the job done. They simply can’t provide the protection and performance you need. That’s why Robert Natali uses the richest and purest natural ingredients on the face of the earth. For your face, nothing less will do. The result is not just a safer shave, but a superior grooming experience as well. And that’s just the beginning. Our shaving essentials help repair, replenish and revitalize your skin while—and long after—you shave. They also promote optimal pH balance, support skin elasticity, control oil production, help fight acne and blemishes, and even help protect against sun damage.

Take our shave cream. (Please, take it.) It’s so beneficial for your skin that we recommend massaging in the residual cream when you’re done. In fact, use our pure essentials for each step of your daily ritual and enjoy a luxurious, spa-caliber skin treatment in every shave. Imagine, instead of compromising your skin’s vitality and appearance every morning, you’ll be actively encouraging a healthier, sexier, and more vibrant complexion. You can see and feel the difference. Now that’s what we call a great shave.