Are razor burn, dry skin, nicks, ingrown hairs or razor bumps ever a problem? Has your complexion gone from vibrant and youthful to dull and lifeless? How did you ever let it get this bad? Did you complain about it to anyone? What’s the matter with you? Never let anyone outside the family know you’re having shaving issues.

Be that as it may, we’re glad you came to us. Chances are your shaving products are not providing your skin with adequate protection from the razor. (The kind of protection we can provide.) This, as you know, can be quite dangerous. And those same products may contain harsh chemicals that can dry out and irritate your skin. Needless to say, your technique may need a little improvement. Why didn’t you come to us in the first place? We want you to have a superior grooming experience, especially since it does not conflict with ours. Much to the contrary.

With that in mind, we would like to recommend the following simple shaving tips. Think of us as your personal grooming consigliere…

Go Pure
Use only the purest, high-performance shaving products. (We know a guy who can get ‘em for you.) Since they’re free of harsh chemicals, they won’t dry out or irritate your skin. Beautiful.

Be sharp.
Dull blades wreak havoc on your skin. You'll compensate by putting more pressure on the blade and using more strokes, which can cause all kinds of skin damage. One blade is usually good for six or seven shaves, but may we suggest changing your blade more often. You want to stay out of trouble, keep your edge.

Cleanse with pre-shave wash and warm water to remove dirt and dead skin cells that may interfere with razor flow. This steps also softens hairs, minimizing beard resistance. And it stimulates follicles, raising hairs into ideal shaving position. Next, massage a thin layer of pre-shave oil into your beard and face. This lubricates and protects your skin from the blade and creates an optimal gliding surface for the razor. It also lifts hairs up and safely away from your skin.

Apply a thin layer of shave cream and pause briefly, allowing it to fully condition your beard. Shave in long, even strokes, applying a gentle pressure to the razor—just enough to get the job done without drawing any attention to your skin. Always shave with the grain. The fewer strokes, the better.

Finish the job.
Where you goin’? You’re not done yet. Massage in a little after shave balm or lotion to calm, nourish, and moisturize skin. This will bring closure to your ritual and help rejuvenate your skin. It feels good, too.

An offer you can't refuse
We wish you had come to us sooner, as we can make all of your shaving issues disappear. Now there may come a time when we ask you for a favor, and that time is now. We want to try our pure shaving essentials, risk-free. All are crafted from the richest and purest natural ingredients. They deliver superior performance while replacing essential moisture and nutrients. This is an offer you can’t refuse.

One more thing: the one who comes to you with shaving products that contain harsh or harmful chemicals is the one who betrayed you. Salute!