‘Tis the season of miracles and your man is right up there with the best of them. Didn’t he prune the Christmas tree without you even asking? So what if it’s artificial, he showed initiative. So does hanging one of your fishnet stockings over the fireplace. And don’t forget how receptive he’s always been to your fruitcake — both the one you serve every year and your rather strange cousin who always shows up on the holidays. If anyone deserves the miracle of Robert Natali shaving essentials, it’s your man. Think we’re overpromising? Ye of little faith, allow us to illuminate.


St. Nick syndrome

If your man shaves religiously, it takes a toll on his skin. That’s because while he’s shaving off beard stubble, he’s also scraping away skin cells. Often, too many skin cells — what’s known as over-exfoliation. His shaving products should protect his skin from the razor, but few do. Hence, the razor burn, rawness, chafing, nicks, razor bumps, and more. All of which are unpleasant, if not painful. They don’t exactly do wonders for his appearance, either. It may just be how Santa earned his nickname or why he gave up shaving altogether.

There’s more. Many shaving products contain harsh, often harmful additives that can irritate and dry out your man’s skin. This, in turn, compromises his skin’s acid mantle, the natural layer of oil and moisture that promotes healthy pH balance, provides basic environmental protection, and supports collagen and elastin production — both of which are essential to youthful, supple skin. Together, this daily wear and tear leads to a dull or lifeless complexion, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. So he looks older, younger. Ask any three wise men and they’re sure to agree. 


A blessed shaving event

Fortunately, you can redeem your man’s skin through the miracle of Robert Natali shaving essentials. Consciously crafted from the finest organic, natural, and plant-based ingredients, they provide a noticeably closer, more comfortable shave. They also protect, nourish, and revitalize his skin while — and long after — he shaves. A blessed shaving event if ever there was one. Hallelujah.

Of course, this miracle needs your help. Give your man our Essential Shave Set or one of our handsome gift sets on the first night of Christmas. If he uses it faithfully for every step of his grooming ritual, you’ll both see and feel a difference in his skin before the twelfth night. It’s sure to jingle his bells.