August 17, 2019

It begins with a little eye contact. A knowing glance, the gentle caress of fingertips against skin. Evocative essences arouse the senses. They entice and tease. Anticipation mounts. Then, finally there is the full embrace—a welcome surrender, passionate and complete. From there the pleasure builds through a series of ever-heightening plateaus to a blissful climax…

Intimate encounter or sublime grooming experience? Are we going too far by drawing a parallel? We think not. To the contrary, the ritual of shaving should be sensual, if not altogether erotic. It should excite and surprise and satisfy. And if you approach it in the right way, thoughtfully and deliberately, if you prepare and work up gradually to the pinnacle of your regimen, you can enjoy just such an encounter, daily. Great sex begins with foreplay. The more fully you prepare, the more fulfilling it is. And so it is with your shave…

Seize the moment

We know you have plenty to do every day, most of which is a lot more important than standing in front of your bathroom mirror and removing a day’s worth of beard growth, right? Wrong. In this moment, nothing is more important. This is your moment, it belongs to you. And that face you’re staring at—the one staring back at you—is yours. It’s the single most important and revealing part of your appearance. Never judge or criticize it. Embrace it, celebrate it, and honor it. Give it the time and respect it deserves.

This is your personal morning ritual. No matter what responsibilities you have or what you must accomplish during the day, this moment belongs to you. Take a deep breath and exhale. Begin with an invigorating cleanse. Let the wild blend of exotic botanicals wash over you and awaken your senses. Feel the rivulets of water meander their way down your chest. Now anoint your beard and skin with the aromatic pre-shave oil. If the phone rings, let it ring. If someone calls to you, pay no mind. This is your moment, remember—your Robert Natali moment. No shaving interruptus for you.

Surrender and embrace

Then, when you’re ready, when you feel your skin tingle with anticipation, apply an ever-so-thin layer of shave cream. Pause briefly, allowing the rich blend of pure nut butters, essential oils, and lush botanicals to thoroughly soften your beard. How ironic that, with all your preparation, nothing could quite prepare you for the experience you’re about to have…

And when you cannot hold back any longer, grab hold of your razor firmly and apply a gentle pressure as the blade glides easily across your skin. Follow its course as it effortlessly removes another day’s worth of beard. And when you’re done—when your skin is smooth and moist and free of stubble—deeply massage in the residual cream to repair, replenish, and revitalize your skin.

Do not drift off to sleep! Now that you are sated and content, massage in a small dab of after shave balm or a few droplets of after shave lotion to further soothe and rejuvenate your skin. Suddenly and miraculously, you are reborn, ready to take on the world. Now look in the mirror one last time and confidently ask the close, clean-shaven new man staring back at you the one lingering question to which you already know the answer…

Was it good for you?

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