Q: Why does Robert Natali insist on using the richest and purest natural ingredients?

Using our innovative skincare technology, grooming products crafted with pure, natural ingredients outperform those made with harsh, potentially harmful chemicals. They’re also far better and safer for your skin, providing the natural moisture and nutrients it needs to repair, replenish, and revitalize. You’re already exposed to countless toxins on a daily basis. Why expose yourself to more when you don’t have to? And with Robert Natali you don’t have to. The purer our products, the richer your experience. [For more information, see Our Ingredients.]

Q: Why doesn't the word 'organic' appear on the front of every Robert Natali label?

Our full ingredients lists say it all. Robert Natali Grooming Essentials are crafted from the richest and purest natural ingredients possible. As we insist on full transparency, we encourage you to read the complete list of ingredients on the back of every label where all is revealed. [For more information, see Our Ingredients and Reading Labels.]

Q: Why do Robert Natali products cost more than other men’s products?

Pure organic and natural ingredients cost more than synthetic ingredients. And we import these ingredients from all over the world. The formulation process is also more challenging. As it is our mission to create products that safely support optimal skin health and provide a superior grooming experience, we're uncompromising about what goes into them. [For more information, see Our Ingredients and Our Mission.]

Q: Why doesn’t Robert Natali offer more products?

We’re working on it. Products crafted from pure, natural ingredients take longer to formulate. For example, our shave cream took over five years to perfect. And by perfect we mean a product that is as satisfying to use as it is beneficial for your skin. That being said, several new products are on the way. If there’s one in particular you want, visit our Contact section and let us know. Your requests help us determine what to work on next.

Q: What kind of impact do Robert Natali products have on our environment?

Since our products are crafted from pure, natural ingredients through sustainable processes, they have very little, if any, impact on our environment—another important benefit from using them. Protecting our planet is something we take seriously and go out of our way to ensure. [For more information, see Pure Sustainability.]