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On Certification

Using innovative skincare technology, Robert Natali Pure Grooming Essentials are crafted from the richest and purest natural ingredients possible. Ingredients imported from all over the world. All to support your skin’s natural renewal process, promote optimal skin health, and provide a superior grooming experience.

So if our products are so pure, how come they’re not certified?

Meeting “Our” Standards

The answer is we’re working on it. There are many organizations that certify skincare products. Their role is to verify the quality, sources, and production processes of our ingredients and final formulations against their criteria. If all of these meet their requirements, we can display their seal on our label.

At present, there are no standard requirements for organic skincare and grooming products, so criteria vary from one organization to the next. Many allow for certain ingredients we would never use. In fact, quite often we’re more demanding than they are.

Trusted Quality & Purity

The most well-known and respected seal is offered by the United States Department of Agriculture—the same organization that certifies organic food. Their standards for skincare products are the same. They must be crafted primarily from agricultural ingredients. The ingredients must be grown and processed without chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, or synthetic pesticides. The products must also be non-GMO, and meet the USDA and National Organic Program (NOP) standards for production, handling, processing, and labeling.

But the USDA doesn’t regulate everything. It doesn’t cover botanicals (plant-derived ingredients) or essential oils, all of which are vital to optimal skin health. We use the richest and purest plant-derived ingredients possible. And we import these ingredients from all over the world. 

Currently, we're exploring alternatives for certification that meet our criteria. In the meantime, rest assured our uncompromising standards for quality, purity, and sustainability have been in place from the beginning. [For more information, see Our Ingredients.]