Our Skin vs. Theirs - Robert Natali

Our Skin vs. Theirs

Although men and women share many similarities, there are plenty of ways in which we differ. And one of them is the nature of our skin. Likewise, our skincare needs are different. That’s why it’s important to use products specially formulated to address men’s unique needs.

Here are the key differences you should know…

We Sweat the Small Stuff

In fact, we sweat just about everything. It’s basic biology. Men are more prone to perspire, twice as much as women. Our skin also contains more lactic acid, a natural humectant which contributes to a higher level of skin hydration. A moisturizer designed for a woman can overhydrate a man's skin.

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We Pump More Oil

The cells in men's sebaceous (oil) glands have more positive androgen (male hormone) receptors. That's why men produce more sebum. Higher oil production can lead to common, often challenging skin conditions. These include acne, blemishes, larger pores, and ingrown hairs. But this same abundance of oil keeps a man's skin looking younger, longer. (Nothing wrong with that.) Oil production begins to decrease when a man reaches his late 40s and early 50s. Surprisingly, products that contain pure, plant-derived oils, essential oils, and botanicals do not contribute to oily skin. In fact, many help control and balance oil production. 

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We Have Thicker Skin

Men’s skin is about 25% thicker than women’s. (Many would say our skulls are as well.) As a result, skincare products take longer to absorb. Along with thicker skin, we also produce more collagen, another reason why men tend not to show their age as early as women. For best results, use pure, natural products formulated to absorb better, faster, and deeper.

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We’re More Sensitive

The daily ritual of shaving makes men’s skin more vulnerable—hence, more sensitive. As the razor exfoliates skin cells, it can compromise your skin’s natural function and acid mantle, the layer of oil and water that retains moisture and provides basic protection. Shaving also exposes skin to chafing, razor burn, nicks, cuts, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs. All of which can be minimized, if not eliminated, with pure, high-performance shave products and good technique.

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Bottom line? Choose pure, natural products specially formulated for men to keep your skin healthier, more youthful and, of course, more appealing.