The Robert Natali Story

Robert Natali (pronounced Na-TAH-lee) was founded for men, by men. We never set out to create pure, natural skincare products. Our vision was to develop sophisticated, high-performance essentials that were easy to use and provided a superior grooming experience.

First on our agenda was shave cream, a logical jumping off point since we used it every day. Our goal was to transform the shaving ritual from boring to blissful. To us, that meant crafting a seductive, buttery blend that would deliver a close, comfortable, nearly effortless shave while enriching the skin.

The criteria were demanding to say the least. Our dream cream had to be rich and luxuriant but still rinse out easily, never clogging the blade. It had to soften the beard, so shaving never became a pulling and tugging match. And it had to provide a substantial cushion between blade and skin, to protect against irritation. Finally, we wanted it to nourish and hydrate the skin, leaving it moist, supple, and thoroughly revitalized. 

But close to six years in the lab led to a surprising discovery: only by using the richest and purest natural ingredients could we realize our vision. Although some synthetic ingredients—many of which were plant-derived—proved safe to use and truly enhanced product performance, most were potentially harmful to skin and health. In time, we found this held true for all grooming and skincare products.

So we went pure and natural and never looked back. The process is more challenging, takes longer and costs a little more, but we think you’re worth it. You be the judge. Experience Robert Natali Pure Grooming Essentials for yourself, risk-free.

Incidentally, the shave cream has exceeded our expectations. Naturally, it provides a superior grooming experience. But that’s just the beginning. It's so beneficial for your skin that, instead of rinsing off the residual cream after shaving, we recommend massaging it in. That’s the power of pure.